What is Inbines?

Inbines is an E-commerce marketplace. It stands for, (internet+business), founded by Max Kabechani & Henry Chewetu. The two started working on the project when they were just in 10th grade and later finished the site in 12th grade, their last year of school. The site is fully functional as of now but, the actual launch date will be in January 2022. Because of having to study for their exams this year 2021, they willfully put their attention on the site after writing their exams.
In the simplest of terms Inbines, is an online mall. The e-commerce website is an online marketplace for selling and buying products. One can open an account as a seller(vendor) and list products for sale or, open an account as a customer and start buying products.

Why use Inbines(Vendor)?

Because every seller will be managing his/her shop on their own, you don’t need to hire people to do it. Your team can spend more time answering critical questions related to scaling and marketing. With an experienced development team by your side, you can drastically bring down website maintenance-related expenses.

Creating a website to sell your products and then investing in advertising means spending a lot of time and money. Inbines will get you started in just a few minutes. To keep maintenance our site will require a small selling fee of less than 10%, unlike other marketplaces that charge 20% or even 30%.

Product manufacturers and sellers who are more concerned about making profits rather than creating a brand go for inbines.

We handle all advertising and attract a huge amount of traffic and sales opportunities. Creating an online store and investing in marketing will consume a lot of time and money, but you still wouldn’t be able to attract as much traffic. This way, setting up a shop on inbines is a better deal.

Taking care of logistics, inventories, product additions & upgrades, pricing and various other details that come with running an online store requires humungous efforts. Opening an Inbines store shifts these necessary evils to individual merchants. Because sellers have to take care of their own store only, it doesn’t remain an uphill task. Furthermore, is our easy to use dashboard that tells all the necessary information about your products and many other things.

Merchants on inbines can manage product details, prices, and areas of delivery, make additions, and updates as per their convenience on the dashboard. This flexibility comes along with no requirement of technical knowledge.
Ecommerce entrepreneurs are more interested in starting virtual marketplaces because of added operational efficiencies and better margins. This justifies the growing online search for your store

Why use Inbines(customer)?

a customer, with Inbines you are provided with multiple choices for a single product. Hence you can make a price comparison and buy the best products. 

Since many vendors are in one huge place; they offer seasonal deals and offers to promote their brand. Hence, you can spend less money to buy products. 

When you are searching for the products, the dashboard will display a category list from that you can select your items. There you can use the filter your search results based on brand, cost, colour, or some other attributes 

Online reduces your work and save you priceless time. Thus, you can just order the products simply with your phone without making an outing. 

The payment and check out process will be made easy in a short time. We provide all payment systems available in Zambia (MTN, Airtel and ZAMTEL mobile services) and even offer a VISA payment method. 

About Delivery

Inbines has two methods of delivering products the first one is store delivery and the second partnered delivery.
Store delivery is the delivery provided by the store selling the product. You can read more about their Delivery on their terms and conditions for delivery. This type of delivery will often be plain in that it won’t have (Ind) which stands for “Inbines partnered delivery”.
Inbines partnered delivery(Ind), is Inbines offered delivery and will have the (Ind) at the end of the delivery services. We partnered up with trusted delivery companies in Zambia to deliver purchased products. Inbines is currently only available in Zambia and the companies we have partnered up with a promise to deliver countrywide as fast as possible. That means from anywhere in Zambia you can buy from us and have your products delivered to your doorstep without having to speed money to step out of your home. We have a number of delivery companies to choose from with different rates and pricing options to choose from.

Become a delivery partner (Ind)

If you want to be part of our team delivering products all over Zambia please submit you CV using the form below:

Our app

The app is currently under development and will be available soon so, that you can shop on the go.