Buying on Inbines

After setting up your customer account you can now start buying products. Follow these steps below. •

You’ve spotted the product(s) you want to buy, you can ‘add it to cart‘ represented by a shopping cart. Adding products to the cart is just like shopping in real life, you add products to the cart till you’re satisfied then head on to pay. You can also add it to your wishlist which is represented by a heart shape. Adding products to your wishlist will remind you of products you might have wanted to buy.

Note: you can only put products in the cart that are from the same Store.

You can’t buy from two stores at the same time.

when you choose the product(s) you like you can view your cart either by clicking on the “view cart” link that pops up every time you add a product to the cart or, by clicking the top/bottom right corner. the cart will allow you to edit the quantity of the products or even remove the product from the cart. Adding coupons will reduce the cost of the product(s) just put in the coupon code and then apply. Once you are done increasing or decreasing the quantity of a product you wish to buy. Just click “update cart” and the cost will automatically change. •

Inbines only offers speedrush delivery and local pickup (inbines). Speedrush delivery will deliver products anywhere nationwide. Local pickup will allow you to pick up the product(s) from the store you bought from.

Note: For speedrush delivery, you might receive a call to confirm your location in case of difficulties so be sure to add a phone number you are currently using.

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