How to Become a Seller

1. Click on the sign-in Modal, on your top-right

2. Click sign-up and select the I am a vendor menu at the bottom. You can also signup using the Social accounts at the bottom or you can fill in the form

3. You will go through the store setup, payments setup.

4. To finish setting up your store click on the Account menu go to Settings Here you will find the store profile, vendor profile, and payment method

Under the Store Profile you have to add:

  • Banner
  • Avatar
  • Map (the address of your store) skip if you don’t have a physical store
  • Terms and conditions
  • Store closing and opening time
  • Biography
  • Discount (optional) this will add a discount offer to all your products
  • Enable support, this will show that you still care about customer support.

NOTE: If you wish to change your password, email, or the payment method. You can find them under the vendor profile

Once done with the steps above, your Store will be ready and good to go. You will now be able to post products.

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