Knowing the Customer Dashboard

All right, so you have an account and wish to know how to go about the dashboard. Let’s begin.


This is an option that lets you view the purchases you have made. You can also check the order status of the products you have purchased

Downloads #

This is where you find all the virtual/downloadable products you have bought. you can always come back here to download your files again

Addresses #

Here you find your shipping and billing addresses.
Your Shipping Address is where we send your purchased products.
Your Billing Address is the address connected to your payment method typically a credit or debit card.
Billing and Shipping Addresses are often the same.

You can also change the shipping address from the checkout page when you are purchasing products. This can be of help if you are purchasing products for a friend or a family member who lives elsewhere.


Here, you can edit your information like your profile picture, email, name .e.t.c. You can also link your Inbines account to your social platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Linking your account to social platforms makes it easier to log in to your Inbines account and even share information. •


Customers who wish to talk to sellers about a product/service can do so by visiting the store and right under contacts you will see a get support button, tap it and ask about your product. Under the Seller support tickets is where you will find your tickets.


this option allows you to view all the vendors/sellers you are following. This makes it easy to buy from your favourite stores without going through thousands of stores on the Stores page


Here you find a simple setting asking to notify you when the Auctions you are participating in have ended through email.

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